American Express

Without a doubt, online casino gaming has become hugely popular over the years. More and more people take advantage of online casinos when looking for some fun and entertainment. Of course there are others who are more serious about online gambling. Naturally, payment options must be considered, whether you are looking for some casual play or high end gambling in the hopes of winning big.

When it comes to the matter of casino payment options, American Express is certainly one of the forerunners as far as banking methods are concerned when you want to manage your casino account funds. American Express has been in existence for in excess of 160 years. This means that you have a pretty good assurance not only of reliability but also of safety.

Not many financial outfits with a vested interest in the Internet gaming industry can boast such a long and lustrous track record as this company can. It therefore goes without saying that this bodes well for those who enjoy online casino gaming and expect peace of mind when it comes to their funds.

Another very important factor to consider is that American Express also ensures that a player’s funds are immediately available to them. This means that players have the distinct advantage of not having to wait before being able to play the games of their choice.

Some casinos offer the option of withdrawing funds to your American Express account. This can and does take a few days which is indeed slower than some other e-wallets who ensure their clients can access their funds more quickly. Nevertheless, is still a faster option than bank transfers. Furthermore, some casinos permit American Express account holders to deposit substantial sums of money which is obviously not only convenient but also practical good news for those serious gamers out there who wish to gamble larger sums of money.

It must be pointed out that fewer casinos accept American Express but this not a major issue provided that you are prepared to invest a little time to find the ones that do. There are a number of websites that claim the casinos they feature accept American Express, however upon closer investigation on discovers that many of these have no provisions for American Express account holders at all. Obviously, the only conclusion that can be drawn from this is that those websites are somewhat unreliable, or are simply not as conscientious about providing accurate information to their users as other websites are.

The fact of the matter is that more casino payment options favor Visa over American Express. Then again, some casinos simply fail to mention the fact that they do accept American Express when you view their websites but, once you have logged in, you discover that they in fact do. The simplest and easiest way of finding out if the casino payment options include American Express is to merely sign up for a free money account. Then it is just a matter of reviewing their cashier to determine whether or not their payment options accept and include American Express.