When gambling online, the rules have become stricter over the past few years to protect both the casino itself as well as players.  It is much easier now to play with confidence when making your deposit and gambling for the big wins.

Most people rely on traditional payment methods, such as MasterCard or Visa to bet money, but this isn’t the only option available for players.  There are a host of newer payment features that offer a secure payment system, including Pay Pal and Insta Debit.  These “e-wallets” are designed to make it easy for Canadian players and casinos to have a seamless online debit option.  This also allows players to pay without having to wait for a currency exchange.  These are not the only electronic wallets available, but definitely two of the more popular.

Bank Wire transfers are an option, but not only does this require that you share information with the casino about your private account; it takes more legwork to get funds started.  Players will first contact the bank and let them know to transfer the amount, and then the casino will finish the transaction.

eCheck is a relatively new option.  While many players still use a credit card, in Canada, players are familiar with the echeck and prefer to use this as a simple and secure way to pay.  Using an eCheck deposits money directly from a bank account to the casino – much like a debit card, without giving out personal account information.


eCheck is simply a short term for electronic check.  This method takes money directly from your bank account without the several holding days that most transfers/checks take in the traditional banking world.  When out on the town, no one wants to get stuck waiting on funds.

Players who gamble using eCheck can get access to their money in no time at all.   There are less security hoops to jump through; all you need to have is a check book.  The process of using an eCheck is quick, and the process time at most casinos are almost instant.

Some casinos prefer the eCheck method so much they offer a bonus to players utilizing eChecks.  This is a great way to maximize you playing money.

Another consideration to make when using eChecks is that funds are directly deposited into your bank account when you cash out.  No need to make a separate transaction.


  • Choose eCheck as the choice on the casino website (found in the deposit section).
  • Provide the routing number and account number, found at the bottom of a check.  The routing number will be to the left (generally) and the account number to the right.
  • Once you have entered information for your electronic check, pick the amount you wish to deposit and hit “submit”.


This payment method has become so popular because it provides ease for making both deposits and withdrawals directly from your checking account.  Not only is it easier to fund your account, without extra security steps and ID verification, but it is also a method that is easy for new players who aren’t familiar with the web security steps.  It also eliminates third party security, as well as keeps a limit on how much you play by not letting you go over your checking account amount.

If you have decided that using an eCheck is the best choice for you, then browse the list of recommended casinos that accept eCheck as one of their forms of payment.  Using an eCheck will help you to control the way you spend your money, and save you money and hassle in fees and security measures.